11.26.18 [Music Monday] – Playlist of the Week

After a 2 year hiatus I’m back! So to kick off my return let’s counter that Christmas music bliss with some heavy, heart-crushing music! (Hoo-ray)

The theme for this week is “Weight” since my mind has been quite heavy this last week. Starting with a song many of you have probably heard recently, Sincerity is Scary by The 1975 has been a recent hit, reaching the top of the trending on YouTube with a wonderfully directed music video. Then we have a band following in the footsteps of Matty Healy. Pale Waves is an up and coming band which has been compared directly to the 1975’s style, which is understandable due to the two bands close collaboration. The most famous of collaboration being the music video for Television Romance which was directed by Matty himself! (Fun fact, Pale Waves was in Milwaukee last Friday, although I was unable to get off work to see them)

Moving down the list we have a song many avid YouTube watchers will recognize. Nothing Lasts by Bedroom is a song nearly everyone who delves deep into the indie scene will eventually come across with distant vocals and a catchy riff throughout. Next, we have a band from North Carolina that I found thanks to Spotify the first day I made an account, Rainbow Kitten Surpise. Nearly every song on “Seven Plus Mary” is great, but Black and White is one song which hits me particularly hard. The first words of song remind me of a past relationship and how I still have a photo of her tucked inside her love letter to me.

patiently listenin’
you’re keepin’ your distance but
I was still hoping that we could be friends
but if that’s too much then
I’ll ask no more than this which we’ve burried
and yes I had one once but I guess she’s married
and yes I have a photograph somewhere
don’t ask I’ll tell if you really wanna know that bad

Now, for another YouTube hit, but one with much deeper lore. Slow Dancing in the Dark is arguably the song which made Joji a name outside of the niche YouTube audience. Featuring a lo-fi heartwrenching melody and emotionally depressing vocals, I find myself listening to it often while looking at the moon on my way out of work, feeling a sense of relatability to the artist. What some listeners may not know is that Joji is also the famous YouTuber Filthy Frank, renown for his universe of crude, but very humorous sketches and characters.

For the penultimate song to finish out this playlist we have Dark Side of Me by Coheed and Cambria. As part of the double album “The Afterman Ascension & Descension” it features the duality of both a real world apology song and an in-universe continuation of the tale of Sirius Amory with his AI “Mother”. The entire double album is worth a listen and if you can’t satisfy your C&C itch you can read the books tied in directly to the concept albums.

Finally, we have a song very near and dear to me. Golden by Fall Out Boy will hit you like a brick wall if even a few words connect with you. Perhaps growing up within a fairly emo friend group sensitized me to Patrick’s tale of lost lovers and mortal enemies, but I feel it beautifully translated the emotions of looking back at your lost connections over the last few years (like I have been this last month). It’s short, it’s not terribly sweet, but I wouldn’t want any other song to be the anchor to my playlist themed around “Weight”.

Playlist of the Week – Weight


12.12.16 [Music Monday] – Playlist for the Week

As this is my final exam week, what I need is a playlist to pump me up and get me through the last stretch of the semester. Biology and Chemistry exams plus a few last minutes papers, I’m going to need all the motivation I can get to finish strong. I hope this playlist inspires all of you too.

If this is also your finals week, May the odds be ever in your favour.

12.12.16 Playlist – Pumped Up Edition

  • The One (English version) – Babymetal
  • “From Now On We Are Enemies” – Fall Out Boy
  • Bury It – CHVRCHES
  • On My Knees – Don’t Call It a Comeback
  • LA Devotee – Panic! At the Disco
  • Way Beyond – Bastille
  • Breathing – Yellowcard

12.05.16 [Music Monday] – Playlist for the Week

Additionally, I plan on giving out my Playlist for the Week.

PotW will follow a simple format of being 7 songs from seven different artists, thus giving my readers a song to binge-listen to each day of the week. I may make a theme for the week but the songs are all going to be based on my mood for the week.

This week, due to it being the first week where snow has actually stuck to the ground here in Wisconsin, I will be making a playlist of songs to chill out to.

12.05.16 Playlist – Chill Out Edition

  • Circadian Rhythm – Silversun Pickups
  • Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith) – Bastille
  • Closer – The Chainsmokers (ft. Halsey)
  • We’ve Been Had – The Walkmen
  • Living for Sunday – Don’t Call it a Comeback
  • America’s Suitehearts (Acoustic) – Fall Out Boy
  • Banner (Acoustic) – LIGHTS

For your convenience, I will be posting all the songs I pick in a weekly YouTube playlist.

Enjoy your chill playlist for the week!

12.05.16 [Music Monday] – Don’t Call It A Comeback

12.05.16 [Music Monday] – Don’t Call It A Comeback

Since music is such a big part of my life I thought my first real blog post should be on my taste in such. Overall I listen to anything that crosses my way with a guitar in it. From acoustic covers of Fall Out Boy songs on YouTube to BabyMetal (praise be the Megistune), I definitely have a broad spectrum of genres I enjoy.

Recently, two bands have been filling my head with lyrics to sing at the worst of times. The first of which being a small band out of Indiana called Don’t Call It A Comeback

With three albums released on iTunes in 2011, 2013, and 2015, the band shows signs of making it big. When I use the term of “making it big” however, I mean falling into the machine of making music according to the label’s taste. Many great bands have started out with their own amazing sound but make it big and start throwing together Standard Bassline A with Standard Melody C. DCIAC have found the happy medium of being large enough to get their music out there, without having a label tie them down.

Their most recent self-titled album is always on my second monitor, ready to be played on a whim (or simple voice command to Cortana when I get home from classes). With some electronica mixed with more traditional Guitar/Bass/Drum/Voice songs, the album hits on all my musical urges within the 11 tracks on the disk. The lyrics can be quite simple party themes at times (Better Off Alone), but other songs like Living for Sunday hit home with me.

Overall, an excellent set of musicians who deserve to be heard by more people. If you need some good music for any mood, Don’t Call It A Comeback has what you need.