The Strings

As a side effect of his time with HER, Vyncent begins to have daydreams and delusions of threads coming out of him. Inspired by the red strings of fate of Chinese lore, these strings convey relationships or strong emotions. They always originate from a person, either from the heart for showing relationships or from other parts of the body for emotions.

While normally appearing to look like regular threads, when the threads have a connection to HER, Vyncent sees them like blood vessels coming out of his body. In some scenes where Vyncent loses control, the heart strings on his arms will rise from under his skin, get taut, and appear like his is a puppet as the arteries as the guiding strings. Other times, the strings will sew his mouth shut or tie his feet down so he can not move.

The threads are not always distressing though, as Vyncent can see the strings between other people. Some couples will have the threads holding them together, waiting for someday to tie the knot, while others will have threads attached to their hearts, with someone tugging on it like leash. When the threads are between Vyncent and someone else, they have a color specific to him and the other party involved. The interaction with these strings will symbolize the status of whatever that relationship may be.