Sneak Peek – First Scene

Work on the screen write has been going fairly well over the last few months. I am only about 30% done with the script so far however I have the entire movie generally laid out. Most of the remaining writing simply requires me to compile segments of scenes I have written and order them. Since I haven’t given too much of an update on the progress I thought I would make it up to the few who read my blog by posting the first scene in the movie. Its definitely got room for edits but will give a general idea of the story and overall tone.


Circadian Rhythm

Fade In:

PANS around bedroom to Vyncent who is lying on his bed in his dimly lit room watching a video on his laptop. He is very thin, neither dorky looking nor exceptionally handsome. A brunette with eyes that look dead on idle but perk up in an instant. His room contains an old twin sized bed, large curved desk, a TV and white walls coated in a variety of posters from bands to videogames, the only light source being a standing lamp next to the bed. The time is clearly very late at night.

There is a knock on the window and Vyncent removes his headphones, closes his laptop, and rises from his bed wearing boxers and a black graphic T-shirt to investigate the noise.


(very awake)

Vyncent opens the windows


Vyncent sticks head out window to look for source of noise and sees a figure standing on the ground below his window


(quietly yelling)

A ladder or some rope would be nice


Vyncent smiles and pulls out a fire escape ladder from under his bed and lowers it down.

Mystery girl checks that its attached by tugging on it and climbs up


(While climbing ladder)

Now aren’t you happy your parents are so anal about everything? However instead of running from the flames you are leading them toward you




Well you know me

(Mystery girl reaches window as he grabs her outstretched hand)

I love to play with fire

Vyncent pulls her in the window. He trips backwards and she falls on top of him


Well Mr Pyromaniac, be careful because you’re in for some heat.

Mystery Girl nibbles his ear


Vyncent and Mystery Girl are lying in bed cuddling with Vyncent half asleep while Mystery Girl holds his arms around her waist


Vyncent… do I mean anything to you?

Vyncent leans up on his side still holding Mystery Girl


(A bit confused)

Well of course you mean something to me. We have always been there for each other.  


(A little sad)

But Vyncent, when HAVE I been there for you. I mean you always give me so much of you and put up with all of my shit but I never seem to return the favor ever.

Mystery girl lifts Vyncent’s hand from her waist and turns around to place his hand on her face and look at him.

I’m not good at this reciprocating thing. Whenever I would do something nice for someone I was always the one who got burned and…

(Looks way from Vyncent and softly sighs)

I don’t want to end up burning you.

Vyncent brushes her hair back and looks directly at her.


You are there for me every day by just listening. No one would give me the time of day and then you sudden came along and changed everything. You make me feel like I’m not alone, something no one else has ever done and you can’t imagine how amazing that feels.   

Mystery Girl hesitates, then takes Vyncent’s hand off her face, sits on the side of the bed a moment then stands up.


I’m doing this for your own good

She walks to the window


Stands up quickly and holds hands up to talk her down.

What are you doing!?


Her back to Vyncent, while she faces the window.

(full of emotion, slightly choking on her words)

I’m not going to drag someone as great as you down with me. I know it seems like I’m saving you but I really am not. I’m just an inferno that will consume all your passion in life. You were meant for better things than making some sleazy girl like me happy.


Please Val! Don’t!

(softer now)

I know you feel that you are a burden but I can show you otherwise. You mean so much to me, just come down, let’s talk.


Mystery Girl turns her head to the side, looks down and looks back at window. She stands on edge of window, turns to face Vyncent.

Goodbye Vyncent

She crosses her arms and falls backward out of window. Red string tugs on Vyncent’s heart and he wakes up from the dream in his room being jerked forward, grasping his heart area.


     (looks disappointed)

They’re back…

Vyncent exhales then lays down and turns off light next to his bed to black out screen.


Fade Out:


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