Project Green Jacket

Inspired by my own life experiences, Project Green Jacket is a movie currently in the screenwriting process. I began the film as a way to express my feelings of depression and rejection, along with my romantic frustrations I had experienced over the previous few years.

Project Green Jacket follows Vyn (short for Vyncent). A 19 year old social outcast, trying to move on past a previous relationship with HER. Haunted by memories of HER, Vyn begins to see hallucinations of threads on his body. Sewing his mouth shut, choking him, and dragging him down in general, Vyn must fight these delusions to retain what little sanity he has.

Just as Vyn is reaching an all time low, he meets the Ramona Flowers-esque Tori. With her own demons to fight, the pair slowly get to know each other. Making it her personal goal to figure out why Vyn is so haunted by HER, Tori convinces him to finally talk to people about his previous relationship.

A visual representation of living with depression, Project Green Jacket aims to show those suffering they are not alone, while helping the unaffected understand just how it affects their loved ones.

More info to come as the development continues


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